A new way to experience wines!

Our vision began with the goal to develop a simple and easy to understand solution to communicate the unique wine profiles, the stories from the devoted winemakers and their unique territories.

The vinwineXperience™ efficiently and reliably makes this a reality for the enjoyment of our customers, all in about 60 seconds.

By scanning the QR code from the call to action, a unique connection is made that goes beyond what the wine bottle traditionally communicates from its label.

The window is opened for the specific wine selection by viewing the vineyards, capturing the wine’s tasting notes and cuisine styles, learn more about the family and winery; and in many cases, even hearing the personalized message from the winemaker.

We hope this personal touch will delight our customers with all their senses.

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The vinwineXperience™ can be enjoyed anywhere; from home, together with a group of friends, or during that special dinner.

Whether it’s a wine shop or a restaurant, these wines are sure to be shelf or table talkers.

Restaurant staff and wine shop attendants will have an additional level of virtual support when interacting with their customers.

It’s a winning combination for all!

Explore some of our vinwineXperience samples from these selected labels