About Our Company:

VinWine Brands was founded as a global company with the philosophy and mission to select and represent a focused portfolio of high-quality distinctive wines from smaller to mid-size producers and winemakers in Italy.

We have also included as a center point of our philosophy, that our winemaking producers’ passionate stories, their wines and viticulture, would be communicated in such a way that would bring those messages as directly as possible to our customers.

With the above mission, we set forward by focusing in two specific areas:
Enhance visibility for the wine’s viticulture, winemaking and territories represented, by developing our unique set of collective co-labeled brands to provide an additional point of reference together with the normal specific wine references.

Secondly, bring our customers and consumers to experience a unique and direct method though our proprietary multimedia vinwineXperience™ the ability to virtually travel and see what the vineyards and winery look like.

We have added our unique features to interactively participate and learn more about the wine and winemaker’s activities by scanning the rear wine label. It’s a reliable high-performance platform, that is ready to meet the endless marketing and scalability possibilities to further enhance those customer experiences customized for each unique global marketplace.

The benefit is to enable our customers to enjoy and be additionally informed on the wines selected, the winery and about the winemaker, extending the overall experience for the specific wine selected.

To further ensure superior quality for our wines, our experienced and dedicated team in Italy collaborates with several accredited certifying agencies that specialize in ensuring the proper sustainability practices are managed both in the vineyard and cellar, as well as in many cases that organic and biodynamic and farming qualifications are properly adhered to.

VinWine Brands is committed to deliver the best experience possible to all our customers and consumers.

Our Leadership: 

Dino Chronopoulos, Denver Colorado Founding Managing Partner | VinWine Brands

Dino Chronopoulos, Denver Colorado

Founding Managing Partner

Dino’s career as a senior executive for over 25 years in global agribusiness, consumer products and more recently in telecommunications, has enabled him to bring forward his experience in managing agricultural commodities trading, product development, finance, strategic sourcing, supply chain and technology. Having worked for Fortune 50 and privately held companies he brings a solid foundation in leading vinwine brands as a premier customer focused company with a visionary approach. 

A native Italian from the Veneto, his enthusiasm as a wine collector and through extensive global travels, has been able to appreciate the many varieties and territories across the major wine growing regions from Europe to South America. 

Dino currently manages the strategic business development as well as overseeing financial and market development activities worldwide. 


Gian Pietro Lombardi, San Dona Di Piave, Italy Founding Managing Partner | VinWine Brands

Gian Pietro Lombardi, San Dona Di Piave Italy

Founding Managing Partner 

Gian Pietro’s experience for the past 25 years has been as a technical director for Italian public sector companies, overlooking various municipal infrastructure operations, including most recently the city of Jesolo, in Veneto. He has also consulted for several companies in Italy and has also worked on several international assignments. 

Prior to joining Vinwine Brands, his involvement in the wine industry as a commercial representative, led him to develop markets in Europe and Asia, developing strong relationships with the wineries and their importing customers. 

As a native of Veneto Italy, he has developed a strong affinity for appreciating the unique wines and viticulture of the Italian territory.  

In his current role, he oversees all the wine sourcing activities and establishing the qualitative standards for each of the wines selected. He also manages the operational aspects of the business coordinating the supply chain activities. 

Contributing Advisors:

Contributing Advisor Alessandra Dinato, Sommelier (WSET4)

Alessandra Dinato, Treviso Italy

Wine Portfolio Consultant (WSET4)

Alessandra started chasing the world of wine at the age of 16 in the hospitality school of Castelfranco Veneto, playing the guessing game of the wine flavours from essential oils.  She discovered a profession which would ultimately lead her to attain an AIS Sommelier Diploma at the age of 21.

At 24, Alessandra moved to London as a sommelier for several Michelin starred restaurants including Maze by Gordon Ramsay and The Square by Phil Howard

Broadening internationally her horizons in the world of wine, in 2016 expanded her sommelier certification attaining the WSET4 Diploma.

Currently residing in Italy, she has supported various companies promoting Italian wines abroad, as well as consulting to restaurants, private customers, and collectors. She organizes events and wine dinners and teaches wine classes at the University. Her greatest passion is heroic viticulture participating as a judge for CERVIM and has been nominated as the first woman to be “Heroic Viticulture Ambassador” in 2022. Currently also hosting the YouTube Channel “Assaggiastorie” she shares the stories of unique wine makers and their charming personalities and territories.

Alessandra’s international wine experience assures our wine selections meet the discerning requirement for our customers.

Enrico Brera, Wine Purveyor and Consultant


Enrico Brera, Treviso Italy

Wine Purveyor and Consultant

Enrico’s experience began in the field of food quality and safety, for more than 20 years.

During his career he became involved in the wine sector, for which he was already a passionate enthusiast. He began organizing tasting events, both for wine enthusiasts and professionals, and currently owns his distribution business in Veneto for a wide selection of Italian wines.

He developed a strong relationship with winemakers, agronomists, enologists as well as restaurateurs, sommeliers, and some well renowned chefs. He is associated with various organizations for the protection and promotion of the many areas of wine production.

His focus shifted him to expanding his scope to work with small artisanal winemakers, caring about the quality and sustainability of their products, which expanded his diversity of wines from various territories, and their unique characteristics.

Enrico’s competence and knowledge provides support identifying and sourcing the finest small family managed wine producers from key growing regions ensuring they meet all the necessary requirements to the satisfaction of our global customers.