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Artisan Made Collection

  • Family Owned and Operated business
  • Limited production to ~ 50,000 bottles maximum
  • Estate Grown Vineyards
  • Hand harvesting, selection and sorting of the grapes, minimal use of mechanization
  • Manual selection and sorting
  • Minimum or no use of Chemical based inputs, no herbicides
  • Minimum or no use of cleaning and filtering on the wines
  • Minimum or no oenological additives added to the wines

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Sustainably Farmed  Collection

  • The use of sustainable inputs in the vineyards for: fertilizers, disease control, pest management and fungicides. No use of herbicides
  • Using Irrigation practices that provide avoidance or minimal use under certain environmental drought conditions
  • Supplemental best practice considerations:
  • Biodiversity, use of wild herbs and plants management where possible
  • Rainwater harvesting, minimizing water waste, use of bio-waste from the vineyard and the winery, management of non-biodegradable
  • Utilizing electricity from renewable energy sources, low environmental impact machinery
  • Using recyclable and sustainable materials for the wine packaging, corks, glass

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Native Grapes Collection

  • Grapes born in a specific place not brought in from another area
  • Native Grapes that are cultivated in other countries with either the same grape variety name or different name that have been historically present in their territory
  • Ancient Grapes farmed in a specific territory that have been brought into their existing territory and have adjusted well to the present environment. They also may have lost their original characteristics and therefore can be classified as native grapes
  • Historical Grape Varieties for a specific territory
  • Wines only from Vitis Vinifera vines

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Heroic Viticulture Collection

At least one of the following characteristics or in any multiple combinations:

  • Vineyards grown on Slopes of greater than 30%
  • Average altitude above 500 meters above the sea level and above, not considering vineyards in a plateau
  • Vineyards situated on terraces or gradients
  • Viticulture from small islands

All of the wines must also be classified specifically only within the following designated origins:  I.G.T, D.O.P., D.O.C., or D.O.C.G.

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Volcanic Origin Collection

  • Vineyards situated on volcanic territories from either active or extinct volcanoes
  • Soils with ancient volcanic origin (Prehistoric period)
  • Soils with organic matter deriving from stone, ash, or other volcanic parent materials

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Cellar Reserve Collection

  • Wine of at least three years of aging
  • Wines that have high aging potential
  • Wines that are well structured
  • Wines that show additional complexity, tertiary aromas because of aging