Filippo Micillo, Winemaker
Monte Amiata, Tuscany

Le Pianore Winery

Located in Monticello di Amiata in the heart of the Maremma Toscana, Le Pianore is a quaint family-owned vineyard surrounded by forests, vines, olive groves and mountain streams with spectacular view of nature.

The cool microclimate at the vineyards is unique for this typically warmer region. The vineyard is covered with indigenous grasses creating a healthy ecosystem. The vineyards are farmed biodynamically and organically.

This sustainable winery depends on 80% of renewable sources and uses various sustainable materials in labeling, corks and packaging, The winery is currently organic EU certified and for the USA Made with Organic Grapes.

Filippo Micillo and his family, are dedicated stewards to this most amazing land producing wines born from this protected natural territory.

Le Pianore Story

Le Pianore, Zancona White Wine

Le Pianore, Tiniatus Red Wine

Le Pianore, Periodico Red Wine