Tessere Winery

Noventa di Piave, Veneto

Founded in 1979 by Ilario Bincoletto, Tessère is an organic winery located in the Venetian hinterland. 

Emanuela Bincoletto carries on the family tradition where particular attention is paid to the quality of the wine and respect for the environment. 

She scrupulously recovered the traditional values by converting the winery from conventional to organic.

In the winery you can breathe an air rich in history, around the Tessère there are many finds and legacies from the Roman era.

Raboso, a native vine from the Veneto region, is the undisputed star of the wine collection, Tessère captures the essence and relationship with the Raboso grapes in an elegant and modern way, working with the meticulous craftsmanship of the past.

With each bottle produced it transmits the deep bond with the lands of Venice and the Piave river. Tessère explores, collects, builds new pieces of life and history by reinterpreting the mosaics of the Roman era that tell the life of its people and that re-lives in each of it’s wines.