We are excited to introduce our very first Heroic Viticulture CollectionTM Prosecco.

Col Miotin is a small family-owned estate vineyard located in the UNESCO World Heritage site in the beautiful hills of Valdobbiadene where some of the finest prosecco is produced. It has also earned the special designation of “D.O.C.G. Prosecco Superiore” by its consortium.


A true testimony to the arduous labor to cultivate these vines in such steep hills together with a tremendous amount of care, Antonio Bottega the winemaker, is one of those unsung heroes who humbly makes these special wines the same way previously made by his father and grandfather.


To qualify for heroic viticulture the vineyards must be in conformance with standard established by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture decree of July 2020, these vineyards must comply with one or more of the following requirements set forth:

  • Vineyards grown at greater than 30%-degree slopes
  • 500m above sea altitude
  • Farmed on small terraces
  • Farmed on very small islands


The location of production must also be in an area where there is an impediment to the use of mechanical means to cultivate the vines and harvest the grapes given the orographic conditions, as well as where there is potential hydrological risk where irrigation is not practical given the difficulty of the terrain. Also, an added plus is when the location of the vineyards are located in nationally recognized protected areas that are further enhanced for their beauty and one of a kind territories.


Specifically, both for the Col Miotin Brut and Extra Dry Prosecco’s, we recently obtained the necessary certifications to represent these wines as originating from heroic vineyards according to the standards outlined. https://vinwinebrands.com/wines/?_b=heroic-viticulture-collection


Certainly, a lot of manual labor and dedicated care goes into the production of these fine prosecco’s.  In many cases one wonders how these producers manage to endure year after year the labor intensive and passionate dedication to cultivating these vines. In a certain sense this is one of the most difficult forms of viticulture presently.


Heroic viticulture presents some excellent opportunities from their surrounding ecosystem providing the perfect opportunity to mature these grapes uniquely and create that special characteristic that is unique of such a territory.


Antonio Bottega’s steep vineyards located in a secluded valley, remind us of an ancient amphitheater where the protagonists are the wines together with the wine producer performing an act worthy of deserving an encore year after year.


We will be further expanding this unique portfolio from similar territories, not only deserving of the quality, but also as a special tribute to each of those winemakers who have put so much effort and passion in cultivating their vineyards in this precious manner.


Our Heroic Viticulture CollectionTM label brings forward this added characteristic for these types of wines for our customers to enjoy, and hope each toast will be an opportunity to experience not only the wonderful wines of such unique producers, but also the fruits of their hard-earned efforts from their beautiful vineyards.


For more information about heroic vineyards and the associated viticulture that these wines represent, please also see the following Forbes article: