Tenute Ugolini

“The environment in which a wine is born is part of it’s personality”

Giambattista Ugolini,

Tenute Ugolini
Tenute Ugolini Winery

The land and the vineyards have been part of our family history since the time of our grandfather. The Ugolini family are four brothers: Giambattista, Davide, Tiziano and Stefania.

We were born and raised in Fumane, in the smallest valley of Valpolicella and the most authentic.

When started taking care of the family vineyards, It was a love at first sight, even if all of us brothers have always believed in quality viticulture and also shared the dream of making our grapes into wine, while my father Angelo, like so many families in Valpolicella, simply collected and sold them. to other wine producers.

Our winery ”Villa San Michele”, is situated in a place full of history and tradition on the ancient hillside vineyards at the foot of the San Michele Hill.