Rosanna Sandri Winery

Since 1959 Rosanna Sandri family winery carried out it’s cultivation of the vineyard located in the Langhe region of Piedmont, in the Alba Region.

Mario and Teresina the founder lived at the San Rocco Farm where she grew up among the vines and talking to her takes you back to a tradition that is now gone.

It is precisely from that tradition, both conceptual and productive, that the company brings forward the absolute value of respect for the environment.

The cornerstone is therefore the environmental sustainability that is squeezed out of every inch of the production process.

Proudly certified by Equalitas the highest Italian authority in the field of sustainability related to the world of wine.

Today the two sons Mauro and Roberto Prandi, proudly carryon on the longstanding family traditions for three generations.

Rosanna Sandri Story