Theresa Eccher
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Wine is life, harmony, thought, passion and culture.

Daniela Conta Eccher, proprietor

Theresa Eccher

Producing great wines since 1896 on Mt Etna, Theresa Eccher, innovation is a return to origins: respect for the territory and the vineyard. And this involves the choice of not doing any chemical treatment and therefore producing organic grapes. We work with native vines, which can give their best in their environment. The vinification processes respect the natural evolution of the wine, which is accompanied in the various stages of maturation.

We look after the wine production as if it were a living thing. Seeking and finding excellence, breaking the mold, out of fleeting taste trends. Salvaging deep-rooted and forgotten vineyards. Working to achieve the pleasure of a quality without compromise, whenever and wherever.

This is the basic philosophy of Theresa Eccher plan. There is no room for any concession in this plan, as we are sure that real wine lovers choose the best. Our practices and our  product specifications deeply respect people who consider wine as a rare and precious element, as we do.

Theresa Eccher Vineyards