Tenuta Enza La Fauci
Enza La Fauci

I love my land, love my wine, and love life!

Enza La Fauci, proprietor

Tenuta Enza La Fauci

Have you ever walked along the rows of a vineyard at sunset? You feel great energy from the earth which spreads and fills you; the vine is life!

I wanted to bet only on myself. This convinced me to plant on a small family vineyard in the vicinity ‘of Capo Peloro, thus was born Tenuta Enza La Fauci. a vineyard to cultivate with love, respect and passion.

Along the vineyard rows one can enjoy the view of the Costa Viola, Capo Peloro and the island of Stromboli We are right at the entrance of the Messina Strait. Scirocco and Tramontana winds, abundant winter rainfall, make this area very special for cultivating our vineyards.

The vineyard is naturally cultivated by hand, except for a small tractor that we use for tillage. Being particularly careful to completely have respect for nature, with no use any herbicides. Our wines are beautiful bouquet expressing this most unique territory.

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